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SwimWOD.com is coming soon!!

In 2018 RSC partnered with the Rappahannock Regional YMCA. From this partnership the RSC Raptides were created. The Raptides are a unique group of adults from various athletic backgrounds that are looking to expand athletically outside of the gym. Where swimming might not have been the foundation of their athletic abilities, each raptide has strived to become as successful in the water as they are on land. Swimming is programmed locally by Luke and Adrianna Moss through SwimWOD. Each Sunday at 1200 swimmers meet at the Massad YMCA pool. If you are interested in joining the Raptides or getting SwimWOD programming let us know and we will be more than happy to add you to our team.

Workouts are written for either conditioning or recovery.

Sample program:

STRETCH beforehand!
Swimming tends to be very intensive on the shoulders, especially for those who do not kick consistently and rely mainly on their pull (like many of us). So make sure those shoulders are nice and warm prior to hopping in the pool! A mix of static and dynamic stretches are always good.

2 x 100 – Swim Free (focus on long strokes and a consistent, easy, and small kick)
4 x 50 – Kick Choice (any stroke)
8 x 25 – Swim Choice (any stroke except for Free)
*30 sec rest b/w 100s; 20 sec rest b/w 50s, 15 sec rest b/w 25s

SET A (Conditioning Focus):
10 x 25 Swim Free – all fast as possible with controlled and minimal breathing
Between each 25, perform 10 air squats and 10 hand release push-ups.
*20 sec rest taken after last push-up before next 25 (adjust rest as needed)
4 x 75 Swim Free – build speed throughout 75 (ascending); control breathing
*30 sec rest

SET B (Recovery Focus):
8 x 25 Swim Free
Breathing Pattern by 25:
1 & 5 – Breathe Every 3 Strokes
2 & 6 – Breathe Every 5 Strokes
3 & 7 – Breathe Every 7 Strokes
4 & 8 – As few breathes as possible
*20 rest b/w 25s
4 x 50 Swim Choice – 25 Moderate, 25 Fast (control breathing)
*30 sec rest

100 Swim Choice

Total yardage: 1,250 (Set A); 1,100 (Set B); 1,650 (Both)